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How is Debt Divided in a Divorce in Georgia?

In Georgia, debt incurred during the marriage is typically considered "marital debt" and divided equitably between spouses as part of the divorce settlement. However, there are exceptions and strategies that can impact how debt gets allocated. Here is a guide to understanding Georgia law regarding debt distribution. To protect your financial interests in your specific […]

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What Is a Family Law Modification – And When You Need One in Georgia

When a family court makes a decision related to any legal matter, it is expected that all parties will follow that ruling to the fullest extent required. As life changes, there are instances in which this may no longer become possible or ideal for any member of the family. This is when family law modification may […]

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What is Financial Infidelity in a Marriage in Georgia?

You've heard of spouses cheating with other people, but what about cheating in money matters? This is called financial infidelity, and it's a betrayal that can be just as devastating to a marriage as romantic infidelity. In this article, we'll take you through the ins and outs of financial infidelity in Georgia – what it […]

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Can I Empty My 401(k) Before Divorce in Georgia?

It’s not a good idea to empty your 401(k) account before divorcing in Georgia, as this can result in tax penalties and even legal consequences. There are legal avenues, however, to withdraw from your retirement account if you need to access money for your divorce. Let’s take a look at important implications of 401(k) divorce […]

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How Co-Parenting Apps Like Our Family Wizard Can Ease Child Custody Tension

Divorce happens because people cannot get along and benefit from living a life separate from each other. When there are children involved, that process becomes more challenging and often results in the need for enhanced communication strategies that can streamline the way people interact. Most parents want to support their children’s best interests, but the […]

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Divorce and Stay-at-Home Moms: 
What You Need to Know in Georgia

Stay-at-home mothers do not have to feel as though they must remain in a failing marriage, especially if their health, mental well-being, or safety is at risk. Though it can seem frightening, especially if you have not worked in a long time, to leave the financial stability present, there are a variety of reasons to […]

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What is Silent Divorce in Georgia?

Divorce can be an extremely difficult and emotionally draining experience. In some cases, couples decide to separate and essentially "divorce" without ever filing any legal paperwork. This unofficial process is sometimes referred to as a "silent divorce." Overview of Silent Divorce A silent divorce occurs when a married couple separates and begins living independent lives […]

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Can a Divorce Be Denied in Georgia?

Yes, in a few cases, a judge can deny granting a divorce in Georgia. If you’ve filed a fault divorce based on specific grounds, some circumstances can invalidate those grounds and lead to divorce denial. Reasons that the Georgia court may reject divorce include: Collusion between the spouses Consent of the complaining spouse Guilt of […]

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High Asset Divorce in Georgia

A high asset divorce refers to the dissolution of a marriage involving assets of considerable monetary value. These assets may consist of cash, real properties, businesses, investment and retirement accounts, numismatic collectibles, and other valuable possessions. When substantial property is involved, each party in the divorce will want to protect their interests in property division, […]

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Can My Spouse Make Me Pay Her Divorce Attorney Fees in Georgia?

Although your spouse may threaten to make you pay for their attorney's fees in your divorce proceedings, such an order is not automatically granted in family law cases. Under Georgia Code 19-6-2, your spouse can be granted attorney's fees in a divorce but this decision is at the discretion of the court. The court must […]

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