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Divorce and other family legal matters can be emotional and highly sensitive. Most people hope that they won’t have to deal with a family-related legal case, but the reality is, many domestic situations have to be resolved by law. It could be the end of a marriage, child custody battles, an ex-spouse not following court orders, or domestic violence.

Though there are difficulties that come with Family Law issues, you can make sure they are handled sensitively and efficiently by a trusted attorney. In Flowery Branch, Georgia, families and individuals count on Attorney Sharon Jackson, LLC for strategic yet sensitive law service.

Experienced Family Law attorney Sharon Jackson leads our firm, where we guide every client in navigating the legalities of their case. Our aim is to protect each client’s rights and secure their interests, while strategizing for a resolution that’s most agreeable for everyone involved.

If you’re getting a divorce or have a household situation where you need to protect yourself, reach out to Flowery Branch divorce lawyer Sharon Jackson.

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Flowery Branch, GA Family Law Service

Often considered one of the best suburbs in Georgia, Flowery Branch is a perfect combination of big-city proximity and small-town vibe. Most residents in this neighborhood own their homes, and amid the growing population of nearly 9,200, the community maintains its clean, family-friendly atmosphere. However, challenging family issues still occur in Flowery Branch, many of which require professional legal assistance.

The Family Law firm of attorney Sharon Jackson is tireless in working with Flowery Branch residents. We have efficiently worked with fathers, mothers, grandparents, married or separated spouses, and guardians involved in family legal dilemmas. With our client-focused and skillful approach, we have earned high esteem in the legal field and more importantly, the trust of our Georgia clients.

Cases We Handle

  • Divorce – Whether it’s you or your spouse pursuing divorce, our lawyer can help safeguard your individual interests in areas such as property distribution and spousal support (alimony).
  • Legal Separation – In Flowery Branch and all other places in Georgia, the mere separation of a married couple is not recognized by law. There is, however, a legal process called separate maintenance. Consult with us to see whether this is the option for you.
  • Child Custody – The future of your child is important, and along with that, you want to maintain a relationship with them. Our child custody attorney can fight for your rights in this complex issue, including matters like making a parenting plan, arranging visitation, and changing the custody arrangement.
  • Paternity and Legitimation Process – When the fatherhood of a child is not legally clear, parenting can quickly become complicated. If you’re a dad who hopes to legitimize your parental rights, or if you’re a mom dealing with legitimizing paternity, we’re eager to provide legal assistance.
  • Pre-Nuptial Agreements/Post-Nuptial Agreements – Nuptial agreements provide benefits to couples, but these agreements can be tricky to navigate. If you want to create a prenup or postnup, or if it’s your partner who has brought it up, get practical legal guidance from Attorney Sharon Jackson.
  • Modification of Orders – If you would like to adjust an existing court order on child support, alimony, or child custody, we can provide legal assistance in Hall County and the rest of Georgia.
  • Court Enforcement and Contempt – What if your ex does not uphold a court order? Two methods to correct that are contempt and enforcement proceedings. On the other hand, if you’re the one accused of a violation, we’re ready to shield your legal rights.
  • Grandparent Rights – Georgia law gives grandparents the right to pursue child custody and/or visitation. Grandpas or grandmas can come to us for legal assistance in custody cases.

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Attorney Sharon Jackson is highly experienced in the above case types, as well as in more complicated Family Law areas such as family protective orders, restraining orders, high-asset divorce, Christian divorce, and military divorce.

Get excellent legal guidance and representation for your particular family issue. Consult with Flowery Branch divorce attorney Sharon Jackson by calling (678) 909-4100 today.


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