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gwinnett-county-fathers-rights-attorneyMost fathers feel that they are in an unfavorable position during separation or divorce. They are frequently viewed as reluctant or unfit for taking care of their children. Even so, most fathers are just as capable of giving their children the same amount of love, care, and guidance as a mother can.

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Georgia father’s rights to child custody

There is actually no ground in Georgia law for presuming that a mother necessarily has the right to custody. The state treats mothers and fathers equally

when it comes to child custody. A father is just as likely to be awarded child custody by a Georgia court as a mother. The problem, however, is presenting a persuasive case to the court of how involved and committed you are in the lives of your children. While some judges might still cling to the traditional view of child custody, courts can and do grant fathers custody, founded on the “best interest of the child” principle.

“Best interest of the child” principle in Georgia

In determining what is in the child’s best interest during the divorce process, Georgia law grants the court the power to judge wisely and objectively. A judge can take many factors into consideration. These include:

  • the age and wishes of the child
  • the mother and father’s stability as parents
  • criminal history of one or both parents
  • the parent’s capacity to provide care for the child

A Georgia court will consider these, as well as other factors, to determine who your children should spend most of their time with.

Georgia father’s rights to adoption

140,000 children are given up for adoption each year. A mother’s heart-rending decision to let a stranger adopt her child can haunt all her life. What is often overlooked are the men whose rights as fathers were ignored, their chance for adoption denied.

That notion that a father could not raise a child on his own has been discredited. Now, nearly every state, including Georgia, recognizes a father’s right to adopt an eligible minor child. It’s still difficult to make this happen, however, since the law usually requires the mother to name the father. A potential father may find that he is not the child’s father after all.

A possible father who is unaware that he has a child can get notified of an adoption proceeding is if he is signed into the state registry. If the supposed father fails to sign up for proceedings, he may face undesirable consequences in which:

  • there will be no need for the mother to get his consent to an adoption
  • he will not get notified of the move for adoption
  • the state will suppose that he gave up the child
  • the state may put an end to his parental rights
  • he will be prohibited from revealing himself as the father in a paternity case

Other lesser known father’s rights in Georgia

You have important rights as a father that go beyond separation or divorce. The same is true for an unmarried father. Here are some father’s rights you may not know you have:

  • You have the right to petition for legitimation to legally establish your fatherhood. You can also request custody and visitation rights as part of the legal proceedings.
  • You have the right to request that your last name be taken by your child during the legitimation process. You can also petition that your name be indicated on your child’s birth certificate.
  • You may still have the right to visitation even if you did not have substantial participation in your child’s life until this time. This will offer you a priceless opportunity to establish a more steadfast connection with your child.

What are the chances of a father getting full custody in Georgia?

The husband in a marriage is believed to be the father of the child under Georgia law. The parents are therefore equal under the law during child custody cases in Atlanta. The decision will always be based on what the court believes is best for the welfare and interest of the child.

Some of the specific factors the court may consider are:

  • each parent’s capacity to provide love, care, and affection to their child
  • each parent’s attitude and capacity to provide their child food, shelter, clothing, and other basic necessities, as well as the ability to pay child support
  • each parent’s ability to sustain child care and education
  • the parent’s capacity to continue maintaining stability in the child’s life
  • a safe home environment wherein to nurture the child
  • the parent’s employment and the time they are available to care for the child
  • the parent’s interest and involvement in their child’s educational and social activities
  • a parent’s willingness to consider the best interest of the child by maintaining a meaningful relationship with the other parent
  • the parent’s past accomplishment as a parent and their potential fulfillment of parenting responsibilities in the future
  • the child’s love and emotional relationship with each parent

Satisfying the above conditions in harmony with Georgia’s “best interest of the child” standards will give the father a strong possibility of obtaining custody.

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If you are not happy at just being a dad on weekends, the legal team at Attorney Sharon Jackson, LLC can help improve your situation. If you can dedicate yourself to the responsibility of raising and caring for your child, our fathers’ rights attorneys will fight for your rights in the courtroom. We can help you obtain a fair chance in custody and child support disputes. Whatever your situation is, we will make sure you know your rights and options.

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