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gwinnett-county-family-law-attorneyDivorce, child custody and other family law matters are a difficult and often complicated but they don’t have to end poorly. Do not let your family law matter leave you an emotional and financial wreck. Together with the help of an experienced Gwinnett family lawyer you can work through your family law issues and help you get the best outcome possible for your case give your circumstances.

At the law firm of Attorney Sharon Jackson, LLC, we provide a personalized approach to help protect you financially and ensure the best interests of your children.

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Mediation, negotiation and litigation are all methods we use to resolve family law issues… how we will resolve yours will depend on the specific circumstances of your situation.  It doesn’t matter how big or how complex your problems are.

We are here to find solutions to your family law matters and to help you move forward with effective, long-term results. We have you and your family’s best interest in mind. Count on our highly experienced legal team to provide you with expert advice and, if needed, powerful representation in court.

Our law firm handles all Georgia family law related matters such as:


You have a contested divorce if you and your spouse can’t agree on the terms of your marital dissolution. Aspects in which you do not agree must be decided by the court. This type of divorce involves a great amount of time, energy, and costs.

On the other hand, if you and your spouse agree on divorce terms without legal intervention, you can proceed with an uncontested divorce, resolving most issues out of court.

Attorney Sharon Jackson can help you get a divorce in Gwinnett County or elsewhere in the Altanta metro area, whether it is contested or uncontested. We can help draft or review a marital settlement agreement that includes every matter in a Georgia divorce such as custody, child support, spousal maintenance and property division. If you and your spouse cannot reach an agreement on all of of these matters, we have the skill and experience to represent your interests in a Georgia court and give you the best chance of obtaining a decision that satisfies your needs.

Child Custody

Child custody cases give rise to sensitive, difficult to handle issues, especially when they develop as part of bitter and disputed divorce cases. Attorney Sharon Jackson is an experienced child custody lawyer who is highly qualified at defending your rights in any type of custody case so you can obtain the best possible result for your specific case.

Child Support

Child support is a regular monetary payment from one parent to the other for the care of their children. Georgia has its own guidelines for deciding which parent will provide financial support and how much they are required to pay.

Alimony / Spousal Maintenance

A spouse may be qualified for an award of maintenance if he or she earns considerably less than the other spouse and establishes a need for financial support. Many factors determine whether he or she is qualified for support, as well as the amount and duration of that support. If the dependent spouse’s need for support is established, the court will look to factors stipulated in statute O.C.G.A. § 19-6-5.

Pre- and postnuptial agreements

Before getting married, you and your spouse can enter into a written agreement regarding your right to spousal maintenance, draw the terms of child custody, and even division of assets in the event you divorce. This document is commonly known as a prenuptial agreement. We help couples draft agreements defining how alimony, custody, and other issues will be dealt with in case they decide to dissolve their marriage.


After a divorce has been made final, legal issues can still arise. If one spouse fail in their obligations as established in the divorce decree, the other spouse can file a contempt order. Changes in situations may warrant the need for a modification in spousal maintenance, child support payments or the visitation plan. Our team can provide you top legal representation whether you are requesting or contesting a post-divorce modification.

Paternity and Legitimation

If the child was born to unwed parents in Georgia, the biological father may undertake a legitimation process to lawfully affirm his relationship with his child.

Showing proof of parentage has vital and long-term implications for the child and sets down the father’s rights and responsibilities concerning custody, child support payments, and visitation.

Essential qualities to look for in a divorce attorney

A lawyer can look into the facts of your case and provide an honest and expert opinion regarding your chances of getting child custody, child or spousal support payments, a share of your marital assets, and other aspects of divorce.

Below are some of the important qualities to look for in your divorce attorney:

  • They are able to talk to you frankly and truthfully
  • They are willing and able to answer any questions you have
  • They are interested in listening to what you want to say
  • They are able to make you feel less stressed about the divorce process
  • They don’t feel uneasy discussing on your initial meeting the costs related to your case, including the fees for legal services and other expenses

You must provide a thorough and honest declaration of personal and often sensitive information for a lawyer-client relationship to work. You can’t expect good things to happen if your lawyer is given misleading information. We understand, though, that you can only provide full disclosure if you feel completely at ease with the person you choose to be your lawyer. We excel at making this relation happen.

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Do you have urgent family law matters that needs to be resolved right away? Let us put your mind at ease. Our team can provide you honest and dependable advice based on your best interests. We can work out arrangements to protect your children, assets, and other important matters in your life. Attorney Sharon Jackson is fearlessly committed to fight for what is right and fair, especially when your legal rights are involved.

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