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Family legal issues like divorce and child custody can be highly delicate. Most people wish they wouldn’t need to deal with a family-related legal case, but the reality is that many familial situations have to be resolved under the law. It could be the dissolution of a marriage, child custody conflicts, domestic violence, or someone failing to uphold court orders.

While family legal matters are challenging, you can take steps to ensure they are handled reliably by a trusted attorney. In Gainesville, Georgia, Attorney Sharon Jackson, LLC is trusted for high-quality yet compassionate legal services for families and individuals.

Led by highly experienced lawyer Sharon Jackson, our firm commits individual attention to each client, walking them through the complex legalities of their family case. Our goal is to protect each client’s rights and secure what they are entitled to, while strategizing for a resolution that’s least detrimental for everyone involved.

If you’re getting a divorce or have a domestic situation requiring you to protect yourself, contact Gainesville divorce lawyer Sharon Jackson.

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Helping Individuals and Families in Gainesville, Georgia

The county seat of Hall County, Gainesville is a wonderful city to start a family or raise one. It’s a thriving locale that’s close to major metros but still maintains its suburban atmosphere. With a diverse population of 41,730, this city has seen modern development in recent years. However, difficult family cases still occur in Hall County, needing professional legal help.

The Family Law office of attorney Sharon Jackson earnestly works with Gainesville residents. We have effectively worked with moms, dads, grandparents, married spouses, separated spouses, and guardians involved in family legal matters. With our personalized and strategic approach, we have earned top accolades in the Family Law area and more importantly, the utmost satisfaction of clients in Georgia.

Cases We Handle

  • Divorce – Whether considering divorce or responding to your spouse’s filing, we help safeguard your interests in issues such as property distribution and spousal support (alimony).
  • Legal Separation – In Gainesville and the entirety of Georgia, separation while married is not legally valid, but couples may consider another legal procedure called separate maintenance. Consult with us to determine whether this procedure is for you.
  • Child Custody – The welfare of your child is paramount, and along with that, you want to continue a family relationship with them. Our child custody attorney can advocate for you in this complex issue, including particular matters like making a parenting plan, getting parenting time (visitation), and child custody modification.
  • Paternity and Legitimation – When the legal fatherhood of a child is uncertain, the law quickly becomes more complex. If you’re a father who wants to legitimize your parental rights, or if you’re a mother trying to iron out legitimizing paternity, we can assist.
  • Pre-Nuptial Agreements or Post-Nuptial Agreements – Pre-nups (or post-nups in some cases) offer advantages to couples, but these legal agreements can be sensitive to negotiate. If your partner brings up a pre-nup/post-nup agreement, or if you yourself want one, talk to us for sound legal advice.
  • Order Modification – If you wish to change an existing court order regarding child support, alimony, or child custody, we can provide legal assistance in Hall County and the rest of Georgia.
  • Court Enforcement and Contempt – What do you do if your ex-spouse disobeys a family court order? Two methods to correct that are court enforcement and contempt of court. On the other hand, if you’re the target of a contempt action, we can ensure your legal rights are upheld.
  • Grandparent Rights – Under Georgia law, grandparents and certain third parties have the right to pursue child custody or visitation. Grandmas and grandpas can approach us for legal assistance in custody claims.

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Attorney Sharon Jackson is also competent in more challenging Family Law cases such as military divorce, restraining orders, protective orders, Christian divorce, high-net-worth divorce, and divorcing a narcissist.

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