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It’s a fact that almost half of the married couples in the United States wind up divorced. Most try every means to repair their marriage but when those efforts fail and cordial relations are at an end, sometimes the only path forward is divorce.

Anyone contemplating divorce may be apprehensive. You worry about your future – whether you will be secure financially or whether you can keep your home. You worry about your kids and how custody will play out. You may question whether you are doing the right thing at all. These concerns are all normal.

So, if you are contemplating divorce and looking for an experienced Gwinnett county divorce attorney to protect you and your family’s interests then divorce attorney Sharon Jackson is here help.

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Grounds for divorce in Georgia

Before filing for a Georgia divorce, at least one spouse must have been a resident of the state for at least six months. Spouses are also required to be separated in the legal sense prior to filing a divorce, no matter what their living arrangements are.

There are several grounds for divorce. Couples in Georgia, however, do not need justification to dissolve their marriage. Simply declaring that their marriage is irreparably broken qualifies as a no-fault basis for divorce.

Georgia recognizes 13 different grounds for divorce which include:


  • Infidelity
  • Cruelty or violence
  • Desertion
  • Drug addiction
  • Chronic intoxication
  • Past conviction of a crime of moral turpitude
  • Untreatable mental illness
  • Mental incapacity
  • Incest or unlawful sexual relations between persons
  • Coerced or tricked into marriage
  • Impregnated with another man’s child at the time of marriage
  • Impotence at the time of marriage
  • Unrecoverable failure of the marriage (no-fault divorce)

Why you need a divorce lawyer

Contested divorce cases can be emotionally draining and time consuming. A divorce is contested when spouses can’t agree on crucial issues to terminate their marriage. This type of divorce needs a lawyer thoroughly knowledgeable in all aspects of the dissolution process. A contested divorce will entail financial disclosures, an effort at mediation, and repeated hearings. A lawsuit might be needed if matters can’t be settled. Divorcing couples can try handling this process on their own but they may well be disappointed. If they take their case to court, then a judge will decide custody, alimony, and possibly division of property.

Even if both spouses want a divorce, the divorce is still regarded as contested unless the couple reach an agreeable arrangement on all contentious issues such as:

Spousal maintenance (alimony) – Whether one spouse will make a lump sum maintenance or support payment to the other spouse, or through recurring regular payments for a fixed period of time or even permanently.

Division of marital assets and debt – Property acquired during marriage is to be equitably divided between the spouses, although the property’s division is not always an equal split.

Child custody and visitation – A vital issue concerning which parent the children will live with and who will make important decisions concerning the children’s welfare and upbringing.

Child support – This issue concerns the amount of regular financial support one parent has to pay the other for the needs of the children.

Simply agreeing in general on these items will not suffice. Both spouses must see to it that all specific terms are worked out. If they cannot come up with a suitable arrangement, they may take their dispute to court where their issues will be decided by the judge after a period of litigation. The divorcing couple will need to gather witnesses, collect evidence and prove their case in court through motions and hearings.

Working with an experienced lawyer can bring you peace of mind, knowing that an expert is dealing with your legal issues. Contested divorces are complex and present hidden traps. Don’t put your alimony, custody, or property at risk with a costly trial. Ensure that your family, your interests, and your future are protected. Consult a skilled divorce lawyer to help settle your issues before a judge decides for you.

Guidance with uncontested divorce

A divorce is uncontested when both spouses agree on all important issues in the divorce so that a lawsuit can be avoided. This type of divorce can be resolved in only a couple of months, is less expensive and usually maintains more civility between the spouses after divorce.

Even if a couple agree in general on the terms and go into the divorce choosing to separate amicably, they still should have legal representation.  Attorney Sharon Jackson, we can provide personalized advice as we guide you through this difficult and uncertain time.

We can help you get from a general agreement stage to a level where specific terms are worked out, which is needed for your uncontested divorce to be approved by the judge. We draft and review marital settlement agreements that define the terms of your divorce in a manner that is beneficial for both parties and can be enforced in court.

Highly skilled to handle any divorce

We firmly advocate on your behalf, whether through mediation, negotiations with the other spouse or their attorney, or, if everything else fails, through a divorce trial. We have the skill and experience to deal with every aspect of your Georgia divorce, including:

  • Protecting your interest in the division of assets and debt
  • Requesting or responding to alimony or spousal maintenance payments
  • Handling temporary protective orders in family violence situations
  • Looking after your interests through legal separation when unsure about divorce or as an alternative
  • Seeking child custody and support solutions to help develop parent-child relationship

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Divorce issues can be complicated and it’s best to discuss them with an experienced divorce lawyer. If you are thinking of pursuing a contested divorce, you will probably need the comprehensive and thorough guidance of a skilled divorce lawyer who knows the best actions you should take.

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