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High Housing Costs Forcing Divorced Couples To Live Together

Skyrocketing housing costs have created a nightmare scenario for divorced and separated couples - being forced to continue living together. High mortgage rates, nearing 7%, paired with record-breaking home prices make it impossible for many to afford two separate households after splitting up. Selling their current home with a mortgage under 3% and buying or […]

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FAQs About Child Custody for Fathers in Georgia

Child custody for fathers in Georgia can be confusing and hard to navigate. If you are a father, you may be unsure what your rights are, you have to see your children, raise them and be part of their everyday life. In the state of Georgia, it is typical for primary custody to go to […]

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Can I Move Out Of Georgia If I Have Custody Of Our Child?

Deciding to move is always a big one, involving numerous steps and considerations. Yet, as a parent who shares custody with another parent, it is important to understand the legal ramifications of moving. A question we often hear is, "Can I move out of Georgia if I have custody of our child?" The answers can […]

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What is a Military Wife Entitled to in a Divorce in Georgia?

In Georgia, a military wife may still be entitled to a variety of military benefits even after divorce. Depending on how long they were married and for how long her spouse was an active military member, the non-service member's wife may receive benefits like health care and commissary privileges. Wife May Get a Portion of […]

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Love Bombing and Divorce in Georgia

Have you heard of the term “love bombing”? It’s an all-too-common manipulative tactic that narcissistic or abusive spouses use in a relationship. Unfortunately, people who are targets of love bombing don’t always recognize the manipulation. If you’re thinking of divorce, it’s wise to know about love bombing and identify it if or when it happens. […]

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The Difference Between No Fault Contested vs. No Fault Uncontested Divorce In Georgia

If you are divorcing in Georgia, there is a strong possibility that you have heard of the two main types of divorce: no-fault uncontested divorce vs. no-fault contested divorce. You may be curious about the differences between these two divorces and which is best for you and your situation. Finding out this information is an […]

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Protect Yourself from Physical Abuse in Divorce: Hire an Aggressive Divorce Lawyer

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It is the perfect time for individuals to learn and become aware of how to protect themselves from physical abuse in divorce. This is extremely important as many believe they have no way out of their abusive and unhappy marriages. However, a domestic violence divorce lawyer knows the […]

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High Conflict Divorce in Georgia: What You Need to Know

A high-conflict divorce is one in which one or both spouses engage in destructive behaviors to intentionally delay or derail the divorce process, or to cause unnecessary emotional pain to the other spouse. In a high-conflict divorce, disagreements between the spouses are so intense and frequent that they disrupt the daily lives of the spouses […]

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Navigating a High-Conflict Divorce in Georgia

A high-conflict divorce arises when one or both partners resort to actions that disrupt the process or cause unnecessary emotional distress to each other. This often results in prolonged disputes and heated legal battles. Although specific statistics may differ, researchers estimate that approximately 20 percent of couples who are separating are caught in a high-conflict […]

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Ultimate Guide To Adoption in Georgia

Adoption is the legal procedure through which an individual or a couple takes on the role of a parent for a child who is not biologically related to them. It entails a permanent transfer of legal rights and responsibilities from the child's biological parents or guardians to the adoptive parents. Adoption offers an opportunity for […]

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