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Gay Marriage and Same-Sex Divorce in Georgia: The Ultimate Guide

Georgia allows same-sex marriages, thanks to a US Supreme Court ruling in 2015. With this, LGBTQ divorce should also be legal in the state. But while same-sex couples are now afforded the same rights as different-sex couples, there may still be unique issues in LGBTQ marriages and divorce that require legal attention. Here’s our comprehensive […]

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Why Attorneys Withdraw

In today’s market, especially in large metropolitan areas, clients can pick and choose from a long list of possible lawyers to handle their legal needs.  If things don’t work out from the client’s perspective, they can terminate the representation, fire the lawyer, and hire someone else. What does an attorney withdrawal mean? Sometimes the attorney […]

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Who is the Client?

In family law cases, the client is the person involved in the legal action. The person bringing the suit is the Plaintiff who is often referred to as the Petitioner in family law cases. The person defending the legal action is the Defendant who is referred to as the Respondent. In family law cases, lawyers […]

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How An Atlanta Family Lawyer Can Help Your Child Maintain Healthy Parental Relationships

Going through a divorce affects every member of your family, especially the children. You may have to negotiate child custody arrangements with your ex-spouse. Your child may react to these new changes in different ways. But this transition shouldn’t negatively affect your child. While there may be an adjustment period, you still want your child […]

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What If My Ex-Spouse Doesn’t Follow The Divorce Decree?

Some couples feel so relieved once their divorce has become finalized. But some ex-spouses are just getting started. Divorce can continue to be difficult if your ex-spouse doesn’t follow your divorce decree. What are your legal options if you find yourself in this situation? Is there a way for you to resolve this issue outside […]

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How to Get Annulled and Other FAQs

Annulment is often compared to divorce in that they both allow married couples to become unmarried. Annulment, however, is different from divorce and may be more appropriate in certain situations. Here’s what you need to know about getting your marriage annulled in Georgia. For case-specific legal advice, call our experienced family law attorney. What is […]

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Georgia No-Fault Divorce Explained

In a no-fault divorce, one spouse only needs to express that they believe the marriage is irreparably broken, rather than providing evidence of wrongdoing such as adultery or desertion. This type of divorce is based on the irreconcilable differences between the divorcing parties. In Georgia, most divorces are of this nature. The introduction of these […]

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Parental Kidnapping in Georgia

Kidnapping one's own child in violation of court orders can result in criminal charges. Cases of parental kidnapping are frequently reported in the news, as they can be quite compelling. A little known fact is that kidnapping does not always mean moving a person from one place to another. Kidnapping can also be the act […]

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How long does alimony last in Georgia?

Georgia law does not limit how long alimony may last. The duration of alimony is defined by the particulars of the divorce case. The court may decide on the duration of alimony if the parties are unable to reach an agreement. The court takes into account a range of factors when deciding whether to grant […]

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How to File for Separation in Georgia

Strictly speaking, Georgia law does not formally recognize a legal separation. What should you do, then, if you no longer wish to stay in a relationship with your partner but do not wish to dissolve your marriage? A separate maintenance action, which is Georgia's closest counterpart, may be what you're searching for. A separate maintenance […]

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