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What You Need to Know About Apple AirTag Stalking and Restraining Orders in Georgia

When you are going through a divorce in Georgia, you should be aware of the risks associated with AirTag and similar property location devices. Although there are hundreds of positive ways to use an AirTag, a stalker can misuse it to monitor you without your knowledge and your spouse can use it to gain information […]

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10 Reasons December Is a Good Month to File for Divorce

revised December 15, 2023 December is here, bringing in the end-of-the-year festivities and the holiday season. You may be thinking that you should continue to put off filing for divorce and wait until the new year. However, Georgia divorce and family law attorney Sharon Jackson does not recommend waiting until January to carry out your […]

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Is alimony for life in Georgia?

Except in extreme cases, alimony in Georgia is not for life. Some spouses have a vital, necessary, and demanding income requirement, such as caring for a disabled child, and consequently cannot work. In such unusual cases, judges can extend payment duration, or they are at least open to a subsequent motion to modify or stop […]

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Is Georgia a “Mom State”? Does Georgia Favor Mothers in Custody Cases?

It’s a persisting misconception that mothers are automatically favored by the court in child custody battles. In Georgia, the court does not consider the gender of parents when hearing custody cases. Both legal parents have equal rights to fight for custody. However, legal complications may arise in certain situations, such as if the parents are […]

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How Did Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady Get a Quick Divorce?

Fans of supermodel Gisele Bündchen and star quarterback Tom Brady speculated for weeks about the couple's marriage amid rumors of trouble and possible separation. Much to the surprise of most, the supermodel and her athlete husband announced they were not planning to divorce but were already divorced! How did they get a quick divorce? Learn […]

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Dividing Retirement Accounts In A Georgia Divorce

Dividing marital assets is one of the main processes if you are getting divorced. Retirement accounts are among these assets, and the state determines how they are divided. As a Georgia resident divorcing their spouse, take a moment to learn about dividing retirement accounts in a Georgia divorce. Equitable Divisions In Georgia, marital assets are […]

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What Happens to An Inheritance In Georgia Divorces?

The idea of filing for divorce can be scary, especially when you have an inheritance or expect to receive an inheritance. Knowing that marital assets are divided when divorcing in Georgia can be troublesome when you have an inheritance that you hope can be passed on to your children one day. If you have received […]

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How Divorce Impacts a Georgia Family Business

Divorce impacts a couple in many different ways. You will go through asset division, child custody, alimony, child support, and more. But, if you or your spouse owned a business when the divorce paperwork was filed, you will have a lot of questions about how it will impact the family business. Our Georgia family law […]

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What is Legal Separation in Georgia?

Before filing a divorce in Georgia, you must first be legally separated. This does not, however, imply that you or your spouse must leave the marital home. You merely have to set aside marital relations with the goal of divorcing under Georgia law. While living under one roof, parties can still be legally separated. There […]

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How is Child Support Amount Determined in Georgia?

One of the most common questions that divorcing parents ask is: How much will the child support be? How is child support calculated? In Georgia, child support follows the “Income Shares Model,” a type of computation that factors in both parents’ incomes, not just the non-custodial parent’s. Here is an overview of the process to […]

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