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Parental Alienation Is A Form Of Child Abuse

When a relationship does not work out, it can lead to a custody battle. In the end, a legal agreement details when each parent will spend time with the child. However, when one parent is vindictive, they can abuse the child through parental alienation. If you notice the other parent is purposefully alienating you from your […]

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The Pros and Cons of No Fault Divorce in Georgia

Navigating the delicate territory of divorce requires a basic understanding of the available legal paths, each with advantages and disadvantages. Among these, “no fault divorce” is a viable option for many separating couples. This relatively new approach, which has reduced many of the former inhibitive barriers of divorce, aims to streamline the dissolution of marriages […]

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How A Man Should Prepare for a Divorce in Georgia

You’ve tried everything. Everything to save your marriage. Talking it out with your wife, getting advice from friends, counseling, perhaps a trial separation. And, yet, things aren’t going to work out. Now what? Unfortunately, you may have to do something a bit sneaky: financially planning for divorcing your wife before asking for a divorce. While […]

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Chances of father getting 50/50 custody in Georgia

In Georgia, fathers have an equal chance of being awarded 50/50 custody of their children as mothers. The outcome, however, will depend on a variety of factors, including the specific circumstances of the case, the relationship between the parents, and both parents' ability to co-parent effectively. When determining a custody arrangement, a judge takes into […]

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Protecting Your Family and Your Future With A Georgia Christian Divorce Attorney: Download Our Free Guide

Divorce is a personal and emotional process that can be difficult to navigate, especially if you are a Christian. When choosing a divorce lawyer, it is important to find someone who shares your values and understands your faith. Attorney Sharon Jackson is a Christian divorce lawyer in Gwinnett County, Georgia. She is compassionate and understanding, […]

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FAQs About Domestic Adoption In Georgia

In parenthood, few endeavors match the profound journey of adoption. The choice to adopt a child can be one of the best decisions of your life and can make an even more monumental difference in the life of your new son or daughter. However, adoption is often a complex process. There are many legal considerations […]

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Gay Marriage and Same-Sex Divorce in Georgia: The Ultimate Guide

Georgia allows same-sex marriages, thanks to a US Supreme Court ruling in 2015. With this, LGBTQ divorce should also be legal in the state. But while same-sex couples are now afforded the same rights as different-sex couples, there may still be unique issues in LGBTQ marriages and divorce that require legal attention. Here’s our comprehensive […]

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Why Attorneys Withdraw

In today’s market, especially in large metropolitan areas, clients can pick and choose from a long list of possible lawyers to handle their legal needs.  If things don’t work out from the client’s perspective, they can terminate the representation, fire the lawyer, and hire someone else. What does an attorney withdrawal mean? Sometimes the attorney […]

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Who is the Client?

In family law cases, the client is the person involved in the legal action. The person bringing the suit is the Plaintiff who is often referred to as the Petitioner in family law cases. The person defending the legal action is the Defendant who is referred to as the Respondent. In family law cases, lawyers […]

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How An Atlanta Family Lawyer Can Help Your Child Maintain Healthy Parental Relationships

Going through a divorce affects every member of your family, especially the children. You may have to negotiate child custody arrangements with your ex-spouse. Your child may react to these new changes in different ways. But this transition shouldn’t negatively affect your child. While there may be an adjustment period, you still want your child […]

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