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DIY Divorce in Georgia - The Pitfalls

by Sharon Jackson  on December 27, 2023 under 

Although pursuing certain endeavors on your own can be cost-effective and stress-free, divorce should not fall into this category. Despite the wealth of online information available, legal matters such as divorce are highly intricate and complex. While using online services might initially seem appealing, opting for do-it-yourself divorces often results in complex legal entanglements that could adversely impact both parties involved.

What are the potential risks of a DIY divorce?

Many divorcing couples are drawn to do-it-yourself divorces due to the cost-saving it offers. Opting not to hire a lawyer can certainly be more affordable initially, but it often leads to higher expenses in the long run.

There are several essential matters in a DIY divorce that require extensive legal expertise to navigate. This becomes particularly difficult when one party is represented by a lawyer while the other is not.

The distribution of property, potential alimony arrangements, and child custody agreements require sharp legal insight to obtain the most favorable outcome. Opting to represent yourself can ultimately result in a long-term financial strain that exceeds any expenses associated with hiring a lawyer.

If you are undergoing a divorce, it is advisable to seek guidance from an attorney to understand your rights, know the procedure, and anticipate the obstacles that lie ahead.

Why should you steer clear of a DIY Georgia divorce?

When initiating divorce proceedings in Georgia, it may be best to avoid the do-it-yourself approach as there have been numerous unsuccessful attempts due to the following factors:

Georgia law is complex and requires strict compliance with numerous procedures.

Every step in the divorce process requires careful attention to detail, with specific documents, forms, and procedures required. It is essential to accurately accomplish these tasks within specified deadlines, as any oversight can result in an automatic dismissal of your case, causing significant wastage of time and financial resources.

A divorce attorney in Georgia protects your rights during division of assets.

Even in seemingly amicable divorces, the division of assets can become contentious, which is why having a professional attorney by your side is crucial.

Some of the complexity arises when there are outstanding marital debts and liens encumbering the assets to be settled. It is imperative to be thorough in identifying all assets, as neglecting to do so may lead to the postponement or dismissal of your divorce proceedings.

After court approval, the agreed-upon division becomes final and irreversible. Divorce attorneys dedicate years to mastering the intricacies of this process and can safeguard against significant disparities in asset distribution, helping you preempt any future remorse.

Child custody and child support can be stressful for all family members.

When children are involved, you likely want to minimize the divorce’s emotional impact on each child as much as possible. At times, it might seem convenient to hastily accept the initial child custody plan discussed by you and your spouse, just to alleviate the burden on everyone.

Unfortunately, numerous parents have found themselves regretting their decisions regarding child custody after it is too late to make changes. To prevent such remorse, it is highly advisable to seek the assistance of a skilled legal professional. Even if you’re not looking for a lawyer to represent you, you’ll still benefit from their legal advice in protecting your parental rights and minimizing any potential regrets.

It can be complicated to obtain fair support.

In Georgia, the determination of child support and alimony can be complex. To calculate child support or spousal support, the court will conduct a comprehensive examination of various factors such as incomes, standard of living, and financial obligations.

If you opt for a do-it-yourself divorce, you’ll have to gather evidence to convince the court that you deserve the amount of support you’re requesting. A proficient divorce attorney should be able to do this efficiently, helping you win the necessary support for you and your child.

Post-divorce finances are often overlooked.

Given the numerous tasks and procedures involved in divorce, you may pour all your focus on the present, especially if you’re managing everything by yourself. However, this oversight can leave you and your children in a distressing situation after the divorce is officially concluded. What happens to your insurance policies? What tax obligations will you have to face? How will your divorce affect your children’s inheritance?

An experienced divorce lawyer can guide you not only in navigating the divorce process but also in building a solid foundation for your future. Discuss with your attorney a well-rounded plan that prioritizes your interests and secures your children’s welfare.

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