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Georgia High-Net-Worth Divorce: Safeguarding Your Privacy During the Process

With so much on the line in high net worth divorce cases, privacy is a paramount concern to limit public information about assets, debts, and details regarding the lifestyle of the parents and the children. There is also the risk of public scrutiny in many situations.  In addition to preventing the risk of public scrutiny, […]

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How is Debt Divided in a Divorce in Georgia?

In Georgia, debt incurred during the marriage is typically considered "marital debt" and divided equitably between spouses as part of the divorce settlement. However, there are exceptions and strategies that can impact how debt gets allocated. Here is a guide to understanding Georgia law regarding debt distribution. To protect your financial interests in your specific […]

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Can I Empty My 401(k) Before Divorce in Georgia?

It’s not a good idea to empty your 401(k) account before divorcing in Georgia, as this can result in tax penalties and even legal consequences. There are legal avenues, however, to withdraw from your retirement account if you need to access money for your divorce. Let’s take a look at important implications of 401(k) divorce […]

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High Asset Divorce in Georgia

A high asset divorce refers to the dissolution of a marriage involving assets of considerable monetary value. These assets may consist of cash, real properties, businesses, investment and retirement accounts, numismatic collectibles, and other valuable possessions. When substantial property is involved, each party in the divorce will want to protect their interests in property division, […]

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Can My Spouse Make Me Pay Her Divorce Attorney Fees in Georgia?

Although your spouse may threaten to make you pay for their attorney's fees in your divorce proceedings, such an order is not automatically granted in family law cases. Under Georgia Code 19-6-2, your spouse can be granted attorney's fees in a divorce but this decision is at the discretion of the court. The court must […]

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How Long Do I Have To Live In Georgia Before I Can File For Divorce? Residency Requirements for Divorce in Georgia

When seeking a divorce in Georgia, you must meet a few requirements. You must file with the proper venue, subject matter jurisdiction and parties. Simply put, you have to file in the right type of court in the correct county where the court has the power to order both parties to take certain actions or […]

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What is a Wife Entitled to in a Divorce in Georgia?

What is a wife entitled to in a divorce in Georgia? Under Georgia law, a wife is entitled to an equitable share of the marital property. This may not equate to an exact equal division of assets, but the court will aim for a fair split between both parties. What’s fair or equitable will be […]

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DIY Divorce in Georgia - The Pitfalls

Although pursuing certain endeavors on your own can be cost-effective and stress-free, divorce should not fall into this category. Despite the wealth of online information available, legal matters such as divorce are highly intricate and complex. While using online services might initially seem appealing, opting for do-it-yourself divorces often results in complex legal entanglements that […]

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High Housing Costs Forcing Divorced Couples To Live Together

Skyrocketing housing costs have created a nightmare scenario for divorced and separated couples - being forced to continue living together. High mortgage rates, nearing 7%, paired with record-breaking home prices make it impossible for many to afford two separate households after splitting up. Selling their current home with a mortgage under 3% and buying or […]

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What is a Military Wife Entitled to in a Divorce in Georgia?

In Georgia, a military wife may still be entitled to a variety of military benefits even after divorce. Depending on how long they were married and for how long her spouse was an active military member, the non-service member's wife may receive benefits like health care and commissary privileges. Wife May Get a Portion of […]

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