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How Co-Parenting Apps Like Our Family Wizard Can Ease Child Custody Tension

by Sharon Jackson  on April 15, 2024 under ,

Divorce happens because people cannot get along and benefit from living a life separate from each other. When there are children involved, that process becomes more challenging and often results in the need for enhanced communication strategies that can streamline the way people interact.

Most parents want to support their children’s best interests, but the thought of texting an ex and having to be nice is challenging. That is when co-parenting apps can offer a viable solution. A variety of options exist, and you should choose one that works for your needs.

At Attorney Sharon Jackson LLC, we take pride in creating results for our clients. If your child’s other parent is not willing to follow the rules set or you need to seek legal guidance, do not hesitate to reach out to us for help.  

Consider Our Family Wizard

There are numerous tools available that aim to provide individuals with help and guidance in managing the day-to-day tasks they have to accomplish. One of the most highly recommended tools for co-parenting is an app called Our Family Wizard. It is easy to use and designed specifically for overcoming the challenges of managing co-parenting. It allows you to share your parenting schedule, even documenting the expenses you have for your children. Most importantly, though, it allows you to communicate without having to interact hand-in-hand as you traditionally would.

Our Family Wizard has received a lot of positive attention in recent years. Numerous celebrities have been vocal about using it, including Bethenny Frankel and Jeff Lewis, both of whom have high conflict and on-going child custody battles to manage.

Why does Our Family Wizard work so well in hostile, toxic, and high-conflict situations?

  • It provides a way to communicate in a controlled manner.
    It allows parents to respond with simple statements like “yes” or “no” instead of complicated phrases that can be misunderstood.
  • It is a truth keeper.
    With this third-party app involved, there is no way to say “I did not know” or to miscommunicate over timelines or scheduling conflicts. It is a reliable source of truth.
  • The documentation is on the record.
    That means that it creates an audit trail that can provide details like expense reporting, requests for various changes to parenting needs, and scheduling changes. They are organized and time-stamped to eliminate frustration.
  • It provides a way to stay connected with your children when they are away.
    Using the tool, you can keep track of their schedules as well as factors related to their health.

Our Family Wizard is one of numerous types of co-parenting apps, and each one has different features that make it an important consideration. When it comes to contentious child custody, there is no simple way forward, but if both parents can agree on using an app like this, you eliminate a great deal of that hostility that comes through text messages or phone calls with an ex you do not want to speak to.

When it comes to child custody, make sure you understand the rules put in place by the court. These rules provide a structure that must be followed and, if they are not, that means you could be held accountable.

How to Incorporate Co-Parenting Apps into Your Experience

The first hurdle that many people have to overcome in a situation like this is getting the other party to agree on the process. Apps are used everyday by most smartphone users. This particular app is not invasive and offers ample privacy settings. It is also very easy to use, cutting out a lot of the hassle.

To encourage your ex to use the co-parenting app, consider these tips:

  • Offer options.
    Provide several co-parenting app options that could work to meet your needs. Allow them to make a decision on which could work well.
  • Ask for legal support.
    There are times when someone may not want to use an app just to be difficult. You can petition the court to require this type of communication tool or other forms to help support better communication overall. This is more likely to occur in situations where there have been conflicts prior.
  • Communicate the benefits.
    Co-parenting apps do not limit communication or interfere with anyone’s lifestyle. Rather, they provide a simple way to communicate without the drama and frustration that often comes with this process. Note that they offer benefits that are hard to overlook from either side.

You cannot always force someone to use an app like this. When you work with our Gwinnett County family lawyer, though, we will provide you with guidance in using such apps and how to incorporate them into the agreements you create with your ex. If you are just going through divorce in Georgia, it is a good idea to consider these types of tools heading into the courtroom so you can make them a formal part of the agreement  you have with the court and the other parent.

Do Not Wait to Get Help If You Are Struggling With Child Custody

Family law is complex. While you may want to do what you can to come to an agreement and work out the details, you must abide by the court’s rules. In many cases, that means you need to ensure you have a well-documented legal case that outlines the difficulty you have had with your ex. In child custody matters, you need an attorney to guide you, and we can help you. If you are in a high conflict divorce in Georgia, reach out to us now to discuss your options.

Schedule a Consultation With A Georgia Child Custody Attorney 

Take child custody conflict seriously to protect both you and your child. If you are struggling with co-parenting, reach out to Attorney Sharon Jackson LLC now to learn more about how we can help you create a better outcome for you and your child. We will work closely with you to find a solution that can support your specific needs. Do not hesitate to call us at (678) 436-3636 to set up a case review today.

We are not affiliated with this software or any other parenting apps, but I love Our Family Wizard and recommend it at least once a week! No program is perfect, but this is a good start. My favorite features are the tone meter that lets you know when communication is becoming uncivil, the calendaring feature that allows you to track the actual amount of parenting time that you exercise, and the ability to add your attorney or the judge to the app.  


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