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What Does Supervised Visitation Mean in a Georgia Child Custody Case?

Supervised visitation in Georgia child custody is a court order that states all visits between the child and a parent must be conducted in the presence of a third party. Supervised visitation like this ensures there is someone else present to monitor the interaction. What is supervised visitation in Gwinnett County really for? The ultimate […]

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How Co-Parenting Apps Like Our Family Wizard Can Ease Child Custody Tension

Divorce happens because people cannot get along and benefit from living a life separate from each other. When there are children involved, that process becomes more challenging and often results in the need for enhanced communication strategies that can streamline the way people interact. Most parents want to support their children’s best interests, but the […]

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Divorce and Stay-at-Home Moms: 
What You Need to Know in Georgia

Stay-at-home mothers do not have to feel as though they must remain in a failing marriage, especially if their health, mental well-being, or safety is at risk. Though it can seem frightening, especially if you have not worked in a long time, to leave the financial stability present, there are a variety of reasons to […]

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Teen Child Custody in Georgia: Can My Teenage Child Choose Which Parent to Live With?

In many situations, children have very strong opinions on where they should live or what they desire when parents divorce. In the best situation, the child agrees with what is occurring, but even in those situations, there are limitations to when a child’s opinion will be used in making decisions about child custody. If you […]

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FAQs About Child Custody for Fathers in Georgia

Child custody for fathers in Georgia can be confusing and hard to navigate. If you are a father, you may be unsure what your rights are, you have to see your children, raise them and be part of their everyday life. In the state of Georgia, it is typical for primary custody to go to […]

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Can I Move Out Of Georgia If I Have Custody Of Our Child?

Deciding to move is always a big one, involving numerous steps and considerations. Yet, as a parent who shares custody with another parent, it is important to understand the legal ramifications of moving. A question we often hear is, "Can I move out of Georgia if I have custody of our child?" The answers can […]

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Parental Alienation Is A Form Of Child Abuse

When a relationship does not work out, it can lead to a custody battle. In the end, a legal agreement details when each parent will spend time with the child. However, when one parent is vindictive, they can abuse the child through parental alienation. If you notice the other parent is purposefully alienating you from your […]

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Chances of father getting 50/50 custody in Georgia

In Georgia, fathers have an equal chance of being awarded 50/50 custody of their children as mothers. The outcome, however, will depend on a variety of factors, including the specific circumstances of the case, the relationship between the parents, and both parents' ability to co-parent effectively. When determining a custody arrangement, a judge takes into […]

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How An Atlanta Family Lawyer Can Help Your Child Maintain Healthy Parental Relationships

Going through a divorce affects every member of your family, especially the children. You may have to negotiate child custody arrangements with your ex-spouse. Your child may react to these new changes in different ways. But this transition shouldn’t negatively affect your child. While there may be an adjustment period, you still want your child […]

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Parental Kidnapping in Georgia

Kidnapping one's own child in violation of court orders can result in criminal charges. Cases of parental kidnapping are frequently reported in the news, as they can be quite compelling. A little known fact is that kidnapping does not always mean moving a person from one place to another. Kidnapping can also be the act […]

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