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Interstate Interference with Custody in Georgia

A family law matter can easily go from civil to criminal when one parent refuses to follow a court order. A parent, for example, has engaged in Interstate Interference with Custody if they took a child out of Georgia without the court-appointed parent’s consent. More specifically, they have violated Official Code of Georgia Annotated Title […]

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Who Gets Primary Child Custody in Georgia?

In Georgia, a judge makes the final decision on who becomes the custodial parent based on a variety of factors. This decision happens after a trial which results if parents can’t agree on child custody. To avoid all this, before a divorce begins, it’s best for both parents to create a legal agreement between themselves […]

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Is Georgia a “Mom State”? Does Georgia Favor Mothers in Custody Cases?

It’s a persisting misconception that mothers are automatically favored by the court in child custody battles. In Georgia, the court does not consider the gender of parents when hearing custody cases. Both legal parents have equal rights to fight for custody. However, legal complications may arise in certain situations, such as if the parents are […]

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Understanding Visitation Violations in Georgia

Child custody and visitation orders in Georgia are aimed at the child’s best interests. Once the court has given an order, all parties involved must abide by it. Unfortunately, many parents fail to uphold certain provisions of their child custody or visitation order, causing unpleasant situations for the other parent. When this happens, the violating […]

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Father’s Rights During Separation in Georgia

Though Georgia doesn’t recognize legal separation, a married couple may have “separate maintenance,” which allows them to live apart and legally arrange for alimony, child custody, and child support. Amid all this, fathers in Georgia worry about their parental rights while they’re separated. If you’re a concerned dad, read this overview of your rights in […]

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Can a custodial parent deny visitation in Georgia?

If a parent violates a Georgia court order involving visitation or custody, the other parent can file a request with the court asking for the order to be enforced and the parent to be held in contempt. When divorcing, parents must select who will raise their children and who will make key choices on their […]

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Can a child choose which parent to live with in Georgia?

In child custody cases, the main standard for the court’s decision is always the best interests of the child. To ensure that this standard is met, the judge looks into many factors regarding the child’s welfare and relationship with each parent. Many parents ask: Does the court consider the child’s preference as to which parent […]

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Co-Parenting and Covid Vaccination for Children in Georgia

We hear it in the news daily: the discourse over whether to receive the Covid-19 vaccine or not. Choosing what is best for yourself is one thing, but what happens when parents are divorced and co-parenting and their child is eligible for Covid vaccination? Or if you and your ex-spouse disagree about whether your child […]

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FAQs About Georgia Parenting Seminars

Many Georgia counties have established what are called parenting seminars for divorcing parents. Georgia family law courts, including Gwinnett County, require divorcing parents to parenting seminars early in the divorce process. Under Georgia law, the superior court in any county can establish a program designed to inform parties about the effects of divorce on minor […]

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How Does the 2021 Child Tax Credit Affect Divorced and Separated Parents in Georgia?

The American Rescue Plan significantly boosted the 2021 Child Tax Credit, helping 65 million children and families across the U.S. It brings significant relief for households nationwide. However, its newly implemented advanced payment system has raised questions for divorced or separated parents that’ll we aim to answer below.  What is the 2021 Child Tax Credit?  […]

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