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Georgia Child Custody Laws For Unmarried Parents

In general, Georgia’s child custody and child support rules apply the same way to unwed parents. But without the legal bind of marriage, there are some complicated additional requirements and issues that a parent may have to deal with if they wish to have child custody or receive financial support. Who Gets Child Custody When […]

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Georgia Divorce Process – How to get a Divorce in Georgia

Divorce in Georgia can be straightforward if it is uncontested, but most often, marital issues make the process more complicated. Here is a primer on the steps you need to take for a Georgia divorce, and the common issues you may have to deal with. Filing For a Divorce in Georgia 1) Meeting the prerequisites […]

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How Unmarried Couples Can Legally Protect Themselves During the Pandemic

If you live together but are not married, you are not entitled to the same rights as a married couple. Couples who live together but are not married during the pandemic need to take steps to legally protect themselves. Many couples who live together have no plans to marry, while others have had their wedding […]

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Financial Tips If You're Planning to Divorce in Georgia

People often plan their wedding for months and even years and create a financial plan together for what type of wedding they can afford, and how they're going to pay for it. Unfortunately, most people put far more attention into planning for their wedding and life together than planning for their divorce, and their two […]

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What Is Considered An Unfit Parent In Georgia?

In some child custody cases, the court may find one parent “unfit” or incapable of caring for their child. This does not happen often, as there are stringent standards in considering one an unfit parent. But when it does happen, that parent loses all parental rights – not only child custody, but also visitation and […]

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What Rights Does A Father Have In Georgia?

In Georgia, being the biological father of a child does not always mean you have legal parenting rights. Georgia law actually distinguishes between biological and legal parentage. As a dad, you may have concerns about your parental rights, especially when Family Law matters come up such as divorce, child custody, and child support. Here’s an […]

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What Does “Best Interests Of The Child” Mean?

In establishing child custody arrangements and which parent will have physical and legal custody of minor children, a Georgia family law judge wants to ensure that the child's rights are recognized and the best interests of the child are safeguarded. To protect the child's rights, when deciding child custody the judge will take into account […]

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Can A Child In Georgia Choose Which Parent to Live With?

When Georgia parents decide to divorce, decisions involving their children are often the most difficult issues to agree on. Child custody and child support are often sensitive and controversial issues, particularly in a contested divorce where the court needs to determine which parent a child will live with. Emotional strain and hostility are at their […]

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How Long Does It Take To Get A Divorce In Gwinnett County, GA?

In theory, 31 days is the quickest time it takes to get a divorce in Gwinnett County. In reality, that speed is rarely approached. The divorce process gets lengthened when both spouses  dispute matters like property division, spousal support and child custody.  If you and your spouse can agree on all issues, you can get […]

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How Much Does It Cost To File For Divorce In Gwinnett County, GA?

Filing for divorce in Gwinnett County, Georgia generally costs a little under $300. Those are just the initial filing expenses. The longer and more contentious the divorce case, the more expensive it will be. On top of the court filing costs, you may have to prepare for lawyer fees, mediator fees, parenting program fee, and […]

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