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Is my wife entitled to half my house if it's in my name in Georgia?

Even if the house is in your name, a wife will get half of it should several conditions exist and if the court allows it. Let’s outline those conditions by first looking at how property division is handled in a Georgia divorce. The key question to keep in mind is not, "Whose name is the […]

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Divorce and Pet Custody in Georgia

Most pet owners consider their furry counterparts part of the family. However, Georgia Law doesn’t regard them the same way. Instead, it treats pets as property.  As such, pet custody remains contentious for divorcing couples. Case in point: The high-profile celebrity divorce cases of Britney Spears, Drew Barrymore and Tiger Woods.  While you may wish […]

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How is Property Divided in Divorce in Georgia?

A common issue that needs resolution in divorce cases is property division. Laws dictating how property and debts will be divided vary from state to state.  In Georgia, marital property is divided equitably.  Is GA a Marital Property State? Georgia is an equitable distribution state, which is different from a community property state, where all […]

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Is Georgia a Community Property State?

Georgia does not follow community property laws. This means that marital property does not get automatically divided 50/50 between spouses seeking a divorce. Instead, Georgia courts follow an equitable distribution approach for property division following a separation.  Equitable means fair, and fair doesn’t always mean equal. In some cases, an equitable distribution of property will […]

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