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What Is a Family Law Modification – And When You Need One in Georgia

When a family court makes a decision related to any legal matter, it is expected that all parties will follow that ruling to the fullest extent required. As life changes, there are instances in which this may no longer become possible or ideal for any member of the family. This is when family law modification may […]

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What is Financial Infidelity in a Marriage in Georgia?

You've heard of spouses cheating with other people, but what about cheating in money matters? This is called financial infidelity, and it's a betrayal that can be just as devastating to a marriage as romantic infidelity. In this article, we'll take you through the ins and outs of financial infidelity in Georgia – what it […]

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Why Attorneys Withdraw

In today’s market, especially in large metropolitan areas, clients can pick and choose from a long list of possible lawyers to handle their legal needs.  If things don’t work out from the client’s perspective, they can terminate the representation, fire the lawyer, and hire someone else. What does an attorney withdrawal mean? Sometimes the attorney […]

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Who is the Client?

In family law cases, the client is the person involved in the legal action. The person bringing the suit is the Plaintiff who is often referred to as the Petitioner in family law cases. The person defending the legal action is the Defendant who is referred to as the Respondent. In family law cases, lawyers […]

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Grounds for a Restraining Order in Georgia

A protective order or restraining order is a legal tool to protect individuals and families from stalking, harassment, or violence. Here’s an overview of what these orders mean in Georgia, how to file for one, and what to do if you are the target of such an order. What’s the Difference Between Restraining Order and […]

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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month in Georgia

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM). In Georgia, throughout the state and throughout the year, awareness efforts take place to remove the undeserved shame of victims of domestic or family violence and to provide safe shelter to protect the victims of domestic violence. Most people are surprised to learn that anyone can be […]

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Can We Get A Divorce in Georgia While Living Together?

In Georgia, unlike many other states, there is no legal requirement for you to live separately before you can get a divorce. It’s not unusual for spouses to reside under one roof for the short term, while they are planning to divorce. Sometimes couples plan to get a divorce in Georgia while living together for […]

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