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Is January Really Divorce Month in Georgia?

Revised January 2024 January has been nicknamed Divorce Month by divorce and family law attorneys because so many relationships seem to fall apart with the new year, and family law attorneys see an uptick in calls every year. A multi-year University of Washington study found  that the January through March window shows a 33% increase in […]

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How to Prepare for Divorce as a Stay at Home Mom in Georgia

Divorce can be especially challenging for stay-at-home moms who have spent most of their married life taking care of the family and raising the children.  Because they’ve taken time away from work, they’re usually at a disadvantage from a financial standpoint. It may be difficult for them to go back and learn new skills that’ll […]

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You’ve Been Served Divorce Papers in Georgia. Now What?

Receiving divorce papers can be nerve-racking, whether you expected them or not. When you get served the initial divorce documents, it means your spouse has initiated the legal procedure, and you must now participate in it while proactively securing your rights and entitlements. Here’s a guide on what steps to take after receiving divorce papers […]

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Does Georgia Require Separation Before Divorce?

A legal separation occurs when a couple decides to live separately and apart without going through the formal process of divorce. The state of Georgia does not recognize the concept of legal separation. This means that the court cannot grant an action requesting legal separation. Under the law, it’s possible for the couple to continue […]

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Does It Matter Who Files for Divorce First in Georgia?

When a relationship fails, it’s normal to want to end things as soon as possible. Rushing to file for divorce isn’t a good idea for some couples, especially when there are many other ways to resolve their issues, such as counselling or mediation. However, for those in an irreparably broken marriage, filing for divorce does […]

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Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Divorce in Georgia

Divorce in today’s tech-driven world comes with an important new consideration: assets are no longer just physical. Aside from the house, car, and bank accounts, cryptocurrency has become a valuable property that as many as 20 million Americans now own. “Crypto” is stored and traded digitally in highly private conditions. This gives rise to concerns […]

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Can We Get A Divorce in Georgia While Living Together?

In Georgia, unlike many other states, there is no legal requirement for you to live separately before you can get a divorce. It’s not unusual for spouses to reside under one roof for the short term, while they are planning to divorce. Sometimes couples plan to get a divorce in Georgia while living together for […]

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How to Kick Your Husband or Wife out of the House Legally in Georgia

Once a couple decides to divorce or separate, it can be tough - and even impossible - to continue living together.  At this point, they may be asking themselves whether it’s legally permissible to kick a spouse that they can’t get along with out of the marital home, change the locks, or deny them access […]

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What are Legal Grounds for Divorce in Georgia?

Georgia is a hybrid state when it comes to establishing fault in divorce cases. It has a no-fault option known as “the 13th ground,” which allows couples to obtain a divorce just by showing that the marriage is irretrievably broken and that reconciliation is no longer possible.  Each of the 12 other fault-based grounds is […]

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How Does Georgia Determine Equitable Distribution of Marital Assets?

It's an interesting fact that a recent article in Brides magazines focused on how to divide marital assets in a divorce. The fact is, that 50% of marriages do end in divorce. When a couple in Georgia decides to divorce, they have to decide how to divide their marital property and debts. Georgia is what’s […]

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