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Gwinnett County Annulment LawyerIn Gwinnett County, an annulment is a legal decree that renders a marriage null and void from the start. It’s often compared with divorce, but the difference is that divorce ends a valid marriage while annulment declares a marriage invalid to begin with.

If you’re considering an annulment or trying to dispute an annulment action in Gwinnett County, reach out to Attorney Sharon Jackson. For nearly two decades now, she has been providing legal counsel and assistance in sensitive Family Law matters, getting ideal results for her clients.

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Is Annulment Right for You?

There are various reasons a couple may opt for an annulment instead of divorce, such as:

  • Religious convictions
  • Avoiding the social stigma of divorce
  • Concerns about fraud or misrepresentation
  • Avoiding certain particulars of divorce proceedings, like alimony and property division.

It’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons of an annulment in your specific situation. Speak with Attorney Sharon Jackson, as she can provide sound legal guidance to help you determine your best legal options and protect your interests.

Grounds For Annulment In Georgia

To obtain an annulment in Georgia, a spouse needs to provide supporting evidence for any of the following circumstances:

  • The marriage was based on fraudulent or deceitful means. Instances of fraudulent inducement into matrimony include:
    • One spouse lied about being single at the time of marriage
    • One spouse’s non-disclosure of a pregnancy at the time of the marriage
    • One spouse’s non-disclosure of a sexually transmitted disease at the time of the marriage
    • One spouse misled the other about their intention to fulfill marital obligations
    • One spouse lied about their capability to have children
    • The failure of one spouse to disclose their drug addiction or alcohol dependency
    • The misrepresentation of religious beliefs by one spouse.
  • Either spouse is physically incapable of consummating the marriage.
  • Either spouse lacks the mental ability to understand the nature and obligations of a marriage.
  • One of the spouses was below the age of 16 when they got married and failed to obtain proper parental consent.
  • One or both parties were compelled to marry against their will through coercion or duress.
  • One spouse was already lawfully married to another person when the marriage occurred.
  • The spouses are closely related or fall within the prohibited degrees of relationship. Examples of prohibited relationships include a parent and a child or stepchild, a grandparent and a grandchild, an uncle and a niece, or an aunt and a nephew.

If any of the circumstances above is true in your marriage, you have the option to initiate the process of annulment. However, note that under the laws of Georgia, annulment is available only to married couples who do not have children from their marriage. If you and your spouse have a child together, seeking a divorce may be the only viable solution to terminate the marriage.

When filing for an annulment, it is the responsibility of the filing party to provide evidence of their grounds. In some cases, even if you meet the grounds for annulment, there is a possibility that your request may be denied. As an example, if you were deceived into marriage but opted to stay married and keep cohabiting after uncovering the lie, the court can deem the marriage valid.

Legal Requirements and Procedure for Annulment in Georgia

An annulment can be authorized solely by the Superior Courts of Georgia. The procedure of getting a marriage annulled is similar to divorce, where one spouse files the action, the other spouse has to respond, and the judge hears both sides to make a decision.

In comparison to other states, Georgia has considerably stricter standards regarding annulment. In Georgia, couples must adhere to the following annulment laws:

  • In cases where a child was born during the marriage, a spouse can only file for divorce, not annulment. This applies even if the marriage was induced through fraudulent means.
  • The court will not grant the annulment if it determines that it is in the best interests of your child for you and your spouse to continue living together.
  • To initiate an annulment process, either you or your spouse must have resided in Georgia continuously for at least six months.
  • If you are the filing party, you must file with the superior court nearest to your residence. The forms will be available at the court clerk’s office and will have corresponding filing fees.
  • Ensure that the annulment forms are properly served to your spouse.
  • You must attend the scheduled court hearing.

Given the intricate legal procedure involved, it is important to get the services of an experienced annulment attorney. This saves you the trouble of handling everything by yourself and provides you with legal representation that aligns with your desired outcomes.

How Will an Annulment Affect You?

Opting for an annulment in Gwinnett County, Georgia offers similar legal outcomes as from a divorce. Once granted, both you and your spouse will return to single status, enabling you to remarry if desired. The annulment process essentially reinstates your pre-marital conditions as if the marriage never took place, completely erasing any trace of the union.

Consequently, there is no need to consider any marital rights once the marriage is annulled. Neither you nor your former spouse will be obligated to provide spousal support, nor will there be any need for property division. To fully understand these intricacies before initiating an annulment, seek advice from a reputable annulment lawyer.

While marital property division does not happen in annulment, the court may allocate property rights to restore your and your former spouse’s premarital standings. This means the court has the authority to equitably distribute joint assets and liabilities. Moreover, the court has discretion to order the wealthier spouse to cover the legal expenses of the lower-income spouse.

Why Seek the Help of a Gwinnett County Annulment Lawyer?

The annulment process is likely to become overwhelming over time, taking a toll on your financial, mental, and emotional well-being. Spouses often find it necessary to enlist an annulment attorney to simplify the process, manage the minute details, and help obtain a favorable outcome.

In addition, an annulment involves unique complexities that are not present in divorce. For instance, annulment requires specific grounds and evidence. Thus, it is crucial to collaborate with an attorney who is experienced in handling annulments in Georgia.

Attorney Sharon Jackson is fully equipped to help you handle your annulment. Here's how our firm can assist you:

  • Advise you on the potential advantages and disadvantages of annulment compared to divorce
  • Compile and present evidence that bolsters your annulment case
  • Apply our familiarity with judges' and court personnel’s inclinations
  • Ensure a prompt filing of your case
  • Ensure the thorough completion of all necessary legal procedures
  • Enhance negotiation efforts to achieve the most favorable outcome
  • Guide you on how annulment may impact your future financial security
  • Explore effective strategies to request the division of joint assets or debts
  • Facilitate the attainment of a fair settlement
  • Safeguard your best interests and rights
  • Minimize unnecessary expenses
  • Provide objective advice throughout the process
  • Provide you with sympathetic treatment to minimize the stress of the process.

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