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Divorce and Stay-at-Home Moms: 
What You Need to Know in Georgia

Stay-at-home mothers do not have to feel as though they must remain in a failing marriage, especially if their health, mental well-being, or safety is at risk. Though it can seem frightening, especially if you have not worked in a long time, to leave the financial stability present, there are a variety of reasons to […]

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How is Income Calculated in a Georgia Divorce If Your Spouse Is Unemployed or Underemployed?

Filing for divorce in Georgia requires calculating both parties’ income to determine alimony, distribution of marital debts, and or child support. Many people going through divorce wonder how is income calculated if either spouse is not currently employed, is underemployed, or hiding income. In these cases, the court can determine an “imputed income” amount to that […]

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How is Child Support Amount Determined in Georgia?

One of the most common questions that divorcing parents ask is: How much will the child support be? How is child support calculated? In Georgia, child support follows the “Income Shares Model,” a type of computation that factors in both parents’ incomes, not just the non-custodial parent’s. Here is an overview of the process to […]

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