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Divorce and Child Custody in Lawrenceville, Georgia

Divorce and custody consultation


Attorney Sharon Jackson in Atlanta Practice with expertise in Divorce, Custody Disputes, Modifications, Child Support, and Domestic Partnership Disputes in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

Regardless of whether you have been married for three years or thirty years, divorce is a stressful period that is often filled with uncertainty, change, and fear.   We try to help you maneuver through this difficult time by providing you with legal guidance and assistance to help you achieve the legal dissolution of the marriage.


  • Spousal Support
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Temporary Protective Orders
  • Alimony
  • Legal Separations
  • Distribution of Property
  • Division of Debt
  • Contempt Charges
  • Domestic Violence
  • Visitation

John and Kate Divorce v. Demi Moore and Bruce Willis Divorce

There are two basic approaches
to divorce: fight it out or work it out. If you and your spouse can not agree on the terms of the divorce, then you will have a contested divorce. The court will help you decide on aspects of the marital dissolution in which you do not agree. Contested divorces require a significant amount of time, resources, and energy.

The courts prefer for you to work it out instead of fighting it out.  It’s cheaper for you and less time consuming for the courts. Many courts will even order you to try to resolve your differences via mediation before your case is heard by the court.

If you and your spouse are able to work out the details of the marital dissolution outside of court, you can proceed with an uncontested divorce and agree to settle most of your issues before you even get to court.  This is a less expensive way to end a marriage and if achieved, may make it easier for you and your spouse to maintain civility after the divorce.

As your divorce attorney, we can help you with both contested and uncontested divorces.  If you want to fight about the red vase, we will help you fight to win!  On the other hand, if you want to resolve this quickly and peacefully, we will help facilitate a calm, respectful expedient dissolution.


Divorce and Child Custody are the two sides of the same coin. Many people stay in a bad marriage for the sake of their children.  When they finally reach the painful decision that given the circumstances divorce is the best solution, they struggle to reach an agreement that works for both parents as well as the child.  Our firm will help you work through the delicate issues of child custody arrangements, child support,  and visitation.  We will help you to understand applicable Georgia child custody laws, your rights as a parent, and what factors will help the courts decide what is in the best interest of the child.


After a divorce has been finalized, legal issues still emerge.  If one party is not fulfilling the obligations established in the divorce decree, a contempt order may need to be filed.

Situations change.  People move, win the lottery, lose their jobs, get remarried, have other children, or relocate.   Some situations may warrant a modification in child support payments or the visitation agreement.  Need a modification? We can help.

To speak with attorney Sharon Jackson in Lawrenceville, GA contact us online or call us at (678) 909-4100 for expert guidance in case of Divorce, Legitimation, Modification, Criminal Defense, Child Custody, Child Support.

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