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Child Custody Modification

At The Law Office of Attorney Sharon Jackson LLC in Lawrenceville, GA. we understand that one of your main concerns is how your divorce will affect your children. We help to make this transition as smooth as possible for all of you.

Modify Child Custody Lawrenceville, Georgia

Child Custody Modification

The court’s primary concern when dealing with children is doing what is in their best interest; a stable environment is always in the child’s best interest.

In the area of child custody, laws differ from state to state. However, stability is a common theme throughout. Changed circumstances that typically affect a court’s decision in whether to modify a custody or visitation order include:

  • The importance of rearing a child in a “traditional” family environment
  • A substantial increase in the child’s age
  • A dramatic change to one of parent’s income level
  • One parent relocating to another state
  • A showing that the current living arrangement puts the child at risk of physical or emotional harm
  • The custodial parent refusing visitation by the non-custodial parent

How to Modify an Existing Child Custody or Visitation Order

There are two major types of child custody arrangements: legal and physical.


  • Legal Custody is the right and responsibility to make decisions regarding the rearing of the child, including medical care, education, religion, etc.
  • Physical Custody is the right of a parent to have the child physically living with him/her. Physical custody can be either sole or joint.

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