In an example of the worst kind of Atlanta Juvenile Criminal case, a 16 year old has been arrested and charged with four counts of aggravated assault in connection with two recent shootings at a MARTA bus stop in front of Atlanta’s McNair High School. The arrest came one day after the shooting of 15-year-old student at the bus stop, located near the school’s entrance on Bouldercrest and Key roads, according to an Atlanta Journal-Constitution story.

The boy, whose name was withheld by police, was picked up early on Wednesday for probation violation, said Dale Davis, spokesman for the DeKalb County School System. He was later charged with four counts of aggravated assault in connection with the school shootings. It was not immediately apparent if he was a student at Mcnair High.

The second shooting occurred first and involved a 19-year-old standing at the same MARTA bus stop Friday night. In that incident, students alerted officers at a basketball game inside the school that someone outside had a weapon. Moments later, as officers approached the bus stop, they heard two or three gunshots.

Unfortunately, in today’s society, it is not unusual for our children and young adults to be involved with very serious crimes. Whether they are victims or the accused, juvenile criminal activity and the resulting entanglements with law enforcement, are an all too common occurrence in our country. In this case a young man is being charged with the most serious of offenses, but due to the fact that he is a minor, there are many variables that must be taken into account in the preparation of his defense. This is why it is of the utmost importance to hire experienced Georgia Juvenile Crime Lawyers like the ones at Conaway & Strickler. Our attorneys know the special circumstances that a juvenile criminal case can involve and our experience in defending the special rights of juveniles will ensure the best possible result for your case.

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